Preview Visuals

There are 2 ways to preview your visuals:

From your Dashboard, hover over any individual thumbnail →  Click  Preview

From your Beta  Editor →   Preview (top right menu) as shown below:

In Preview mode, you can see your design without the distraction of the editor. It provides a clear picture of what your visual will look like when embedded or printed out.

Common Questions

Why didn't the thumbnail preview for my visual update on the dashboard?

The thumbnail preview is updated when your work is manually saved using the  Save button in the Editor.

The latest version of your visual is what you see in the Beta Editor.

If the thumbnail preview is not the updated visual yet, it could be that your latest visual in the Beta Editor was auto-saved (not manually saved). Hence, your thumbnail preview and the Beta Editor visual will look different.

You'll need to click on the Save button in the Beta Editor to update your thumbnail. It may take around 5-15 minutes for the update depending on the server load.

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