Infographics are perfect for viewing on the web. They are visual representations of information. They can tell a story in a colorful, beautiful way. 

Using Piktochart's Infographic templates, you can take your story or information and convert it into a compact snapshot for online viewing - on the website, or a blog. Using this format, you can quickly and easily convey information to improve your reader's understanding, using graphics to reveal patterns and trends.

You'll be able to find the Infographics format templates from the left-hand menu on your dashboard:

Here is more information on how to design your infographic on our blog.

For an Infographic template, there is a semi-transparent line at the bottom of the block to adjust the height of the visual easily. This option is not available in other formats. 

Common Questions

Can I print my infographic? 

Infographics are best used for online publishing such as on your website or blog. Due to the long-form format infographics have, the visual will look elongated when print. If you intended to print your visual, you should opt for either a Poster, Flyer, or Report format. 

Can I switch between formats? 

At this moment, it is not possible to auto-convert your visual projects from one format to another format. You will have to re-create your work again if you're changing for example, from a Printable to an Infographic format. As a workaround, you can copy the block over to make the re-creation a bit easier! 

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