Visual Formats

We want to empower you to create your visuals with ease! To help with this, Piktochart has several formats to choose from when it comes to our templates.

This article will go over the general characteristics and use-cases for each format.



Infographic visuals are perfect for viewing on the web. They are visual representations of information. They can tell a story in a colorful, beautiful way. 

Visuals made in this format are shown in long-form; meaning there are no dedicated page breaks between each block.

Social Media

Social Media formatted visuals; as the name suggests, were designed and sized for specific social media platform posts.


Presentation visuals are a great way to introduce a topic to an audience, typically with the aid of projected images as slides. 

Since these visuals are optimized for the 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios; they cannot be resized.


Posters are single pages to convey information in an attention-grabbing visual! 

While you can add multiple pages/blocks to a Poster visual; the templates provided were designed as one-pagers.


Flyers are flexible designs that can be one or two pages.

They are similar to Posters, however, Flyer templates are designed around the idea of promotion and multiple pages with loads of information.


Reports are most often used to display insightful data and results for your business, a campaign, or an event at a particular time period. They are great for prints as well! 

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