Changing Email Address

To change the email address used to log into your Piktochart account, follow these steps below:

    Log in to your Piktochart account using the current email address and password.

    Go to the upper right corner Personal Profile icon and select Account Settings in the dropdown. 

    On your Personal Settings tab, go to  Email Address field. 
    Click  Change and enter your desired new email address and password, and select  Update to save your new credentials.

Once you've followed all of the necessary steps, you should then be able to log-in using your new email address and your existing password.  

The option to change your username and password are also located in Account Settings.

Common Questions 

What if I signed up via Google or Facebook?

If you used Google or Facebook to create your account, you must unlink that connection in order to begin using an email address and password to access your Piktochart account, instead. Unlinking is done through the Account Settings. 

No Account Sharing

We require each user account to also use a unique email address. This means that you should not share the same email address for sharing purposes. We recommend that only you use your own login for Piktochart. Doing otherwise can cause issues with saving or downloading your visual properly. We wouldn't want your hard work to go unsaved or be overwritten; in these cases, we aren't able to guarantee lost work. 

Issues Changing your Email Address

If you attempt to change your email address and find that it doesn't update after saving the changes, the email address you are attempting to use is probably associated with an existing Piktochart account. Because each address can only be associated with one account, it will not allow you to use the same email again. You will need to use another email address. 

What happens when the Account Owner is unavailable?

It happens — people switch jobs, leave the company, go on extended leave — the Account Owner may be unavailable for any number of reasons. Still, since our obligation is to the current Account Owner, we’re unable to transfer the account to anyone else without their permission.

The quickest route is often to contact the current Account Owner and ask them to log in and transfer ownership of the account right away from the Account Settings page.

Otherwise, we can also gladly reach out to the current Account Owner at the email address we have on file and request permission to transfer the account. If it’s a company address and another employee has access to the inbox, the person who receives the email can grant permission to transfer the account.

Assuming you don't know the password for the account, you can trigger the password reset email by clicking on the reset link on the login page. We'll then send the password reset email to the account owner's inbox, which you'll need to be able to access. Therefore, we advise speaking to your IT team about this so you can open the password reset email we send. 

For security’s sake, we can’t transfer the account based on permission granted from any other email address other than the one we have on file.

If all the above fails, we can make an exception to change ownership of the account for you following a quick security measure. You will need to submit a written request to our Support Team, including:

  • The account username
  • The name and email address of the previous account owner
  • The name and email address of the new account owner
  • The last four digits of the credit card number on file (for PRO users)
  • The visual titles saved in the account

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