Change or Remove Payment Method

To change or remove your credit card on file: 


Go to the upper right corner  Gear button → Settings & Members.


On your Workspace Settings tab, select Plans & Billings.


Under the Payment Method section, you will find a roster with all cards you have previously used.


Click the  Add New Card and submit the details of your intended card. Thereafter, your new card will appear as one of the thumbnails. Ensure that it has a tick in the top right corner, which means it is the card that will be charged during the next billing.

If you are using Paypal, you will need to log in to Paypal to change it in your Paypal account.

Common Questions

Can I remove my Credit Card from my Account Settings?

Yes! You can. It’s very simple to remove your Credit Card from your Account Settings. First, you will need to make sure there are no active subscriptions

Once you’ve canceled your recurring payment, you can hover over your Credit Card, and on the upper right corner you’ll see a red  X. Click on it and confirm that you wish to delete your card entirely.

After you remove your card, it won’t be possible to reinstate your plan. To reinstate, you will need to purchase from the Pricing Page. 

Why was I unable to make my payment?

Check out our Payment Failure article to learn more!

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