Payment Failure

If you were shown an error while we attempted to process your credit card, please double-check your payment information and try again.

Here are some possible reasons why you've experienced a failed payment:

Payment refused
This is the most common situation - the issuing bank declines to process the payment. This can be due to Piktochart’s account and head office located in Malaysia. To resolve this, please contact your bank and advise them to authorize a transaction to a company in Malaysia.

Invalid card number

Please ensure that your card number is correctly entered. Failure to do so will result in the inability to process the transaction.


Your bank suspects that the transaction you are attempting to perform may be fraudulent. Please contact your bank for verification, and obtain authorization to perform a transaction to Piktochart, which is a company based in Malaysia and operating a Malaysian bank account.

Security code declined

Please ensure that you enter the correct security code (CVC or CV2). Failure to do so will result in the inability to process the transaction. The security code can usually be found at the back of your card to the right of the signature box.

Blocked card

Your bank has blocked the use of your card. Please contact your bank so that it may be unblocked for this and other transactions.

Expired card

A card’s expiry date is typically found on its reverse side or embossed on the front side. Ensure that your card is not out of date - transactions attempted on expired cards will fail.

Not enough balance

We may be unable to process any transaction if the transaction amount exceeds the remaining balance in your account or is under your total transactions limit. Please ensure there are sufficient funds in your account before attempting payment again.

Not a credit card

We accept major credit cards (except for AMEX, DISCOVER and MAESTRO) but VISA debit cards are not accepted. Please use a credit card for your Piktochart subscription.

In some cases, the bank which issues the Visa or MasterCard credit card requires the cardholder to call for pre-authorization specifically for a Piktochart transaction, as we are headquartered in Malaysia. 

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