Working with Photo Frames and Text Frames


Photo Frame

Photo Frames are placeholders for you to easily insert your photos into your visual. They are located under the  Graphics tab in the left panel of the editor. 


Click to access the  Photoframe menu. Then, click or drag the Photoframe you want to use into your canvas. 


Drag your photos from your uploaded images. Your photo will be masked into the Photoframe!


Double-click the photo to adjust or resize your photo within the mask. Click Unmask to unmask the photo. Simply click Done once you're good! 

Text Frames

Text Frames are similar to text boxes but pre-designed for your ease! Like photo frames, text frames can be moved, resized, and changed to your liking. 

To use Text Frames, 


Open the  Text tab in the left panel. 


Scroll down to the Text Frames section. Click or drag the desired Text Frame into your canvas.


Edit your text frame by  double-clicking into the text boxes and entering your text. Or you can Ungroup the frame and edit the individual items separately - delete, move and resize elements. 

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