Inserting a Map

You can visualize interesting geographical data using maps on Piktochart! 

Here's how to add a map to your visual:


On the left panel, click Maps


The two tabs at the top will allow you to search either by  country or regions. You may enter the keyword to search for a specific country on the Search bar, or simply scroll through the available list. Under the regions tab, you may visualize major world regions such as the World Map, Africa or Asia. 

Click on the selected map to insert them into your visual. 
Insert or edit data to your map in the datasheet. For the map data, do ensure a consistent data type throughout the columns. For example, only have numbers in one column and text in another. The data visualization will only work for columns with number-based data. 

Data that you include has captions available on hover over in the online (URL /published) shared version. However, no static data will appear for the downloaded version. 


When editing the map data, you can click the + button to add additional columns to your data. 

Or you can also eliminate this column by simply right-clicking over any cell in the column and then choosing the Delete This Column option. Should you choose to delete a specific column, all data contained in the column will be removed as well. 

Common Question

Why can't I find a country on the map tool?

We want to include as many places and locations as possible for our users in our map tool. We're eager to listen to your suggestions for places and regions that you would love to see added!

At this time, our team of developers uses this map resource to ensure the quality image you need for crisp, vector-based maps on your visual. This means there may be some areas that are not included due to its size.

The country map is outdated. 

Feel free to reach out to us at so we can look into your request! 

Just so you know, we retrieve our map data from this map resource. Natural Earth was built through the collaboration of many volunteers and is supported by NACIS (North American Cartographic Information Society). We do not build our maps from scratch.

Can I import data from Excel sheet into the map?

At this moment, the only available option would be to manually edit the map data one by one. It is not possible to import data from Excel or Google Sheets as of now. Feel free to reach out to us at to share your feedback! We're all ears.

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